About Us

Heinold Homes and Renovations


The business started in 2001 when Scott Heinold (Owner) decided he was done doing HVAC and wanted to do something different...something more. He began a construction business under the name of Scott Construction Services. Scott began building new homes in and around the Peoria area. Around 2008, the construction market was calling for something different and that's when the company's name changed to Renovation Construction Services working under the incorporated name of Heinold Homes Inc. Renovations seemed to be taking over the market as people were beginning to remodel the home they were living in rather than starting from the ground up with new home construction. After 4 years under that business name, his son Zach joined the team and together they decided to change the name once again to the current (and final) name of the company Heinold Homes and Renovations. This name represents the company well as New Home Construction and Renovations are such a vital part of there business. 


We truly do value our customers and that is one thing that we take a lot of pride in. After the job is completed we usually gain friends as opposed to strictly customers. We not only want to make sure your job is completed on schedule and with the highest quality, but we also want to make sure the process of your job goes smoothy. Construction in general for homeowners can be overwhelming. We strive to make the process as easy and stress free as we can possibly make it.

Your Steps to Amazing Results

We love seeing projects from start to finish and that's why we continue to do what we do every day! There are six steps to every project of ours:

1) Consultation

We come to the job site, getting to know your concerns and the space you're working with.

2) Drawing up a Plan

We come up with an execution plan. Our estimate includes any relevant drawings or plans.

3) Project Proposal & Changes

The next step is meeting to discuss the estimate, plans, and any alterations or feedback you have.

4) Set a Schedule & Decision-Making Sheet

Together, we'll set a start date, a job schedule, and a decision-making sheet to help you solidify decisions before the project starts. This is a working document to help us stick to your overall concept.

5) Construction & Alteration

Construction and renovation begin on-site.

6) Final Review

You give the final inspection and take ownership of your new home or project!